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Anger Management Programs

Anger Management Programs

Anger is a normal human emotion.  It tells us that a need is not being met.  Normally, we resolve the problem, meeting the need, and the anger goes away.  The problems start when our approach to anger is not effective in resolving problems, but instead causes more problems.  Examples would be legal problems, relationship difficulties, and trouble at work.  A better name for our anger management classes might be "How to Get What You Need Without Getting What You Don't." 

At the Family Center, we offer a variety of anger management classes for all ages that address the following:    

  • how to regulate our emotions so we can think clearly;   
  • how to notice and name our thoughts, emotions, and triggers;   
  • how to communicate effectively with others; to take responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings, and behavior without blaming others;   
  • and how to resolve the problem (and therefore our anger) in an effective way using assertive behavior.
As a result, we learn to take charge of our lives, moving out of the victim/drama trap.

For individual program descriptions, please choose one of our anger management programs:

Adult Anger Management for Men 
Training Intervention for Parents, TIPS
Teen Anger Management in Effect, TAME
Male Adolescent Program, MAP
Children Learning Useful and Effective Skills, CLUES
The Respect Program

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