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Family Mediation Services

Family Mediation Services

Our mediation services provide opportunities for families to maintain control of the decision making process regarding divorce and custody issues and avoid lengthy litigation in court.  Services are available for Divorce, Post-Divorce, Property Settlement and Custody/Visitation cases.

Mediation is a voluntary cooperative process in which the parties work on resolving their own disputes outside the court process with the assistance of a trained and impartial mediator.   The mediator helps the parties to communicate effectively, gather and analyze information, define issues, generate alternatives, explore consequences and reach agreements acceptable to both parties. 

CONFIDENTIALITY:  All communications made to the mediator during or in connection with the mediation that are related to the dispute, and all materials in the case file of the mediator shall be and remain confidential as provided for by statute.   The Family Center has staff counselors that are trained Rule 31 listed family mediators.

Family Mediation Flyer

For more information, please email Amanda Russell or call her at 901.276.2200 ext. 139.



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