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Get to know Katie Bailey, the Family Center's Director of Interns and Volunteers.

To be truly human requires both the capacity for empathy and the capacity for joy, and we cannot give up either for the other.

Get to know Katie Laws, the Family Center's Community Outreach Specialist.

During last year’s Hilton Global Month of Service, we were fortunate to have over 60 Hilton Memphis employees come to The Family Center and transform a couple of our rooms.

Get to know Judy Reynolds, the Family Center's Receptionist.

Get to know Juanita Sandria, the Family Center's Bilingual Intake Specialist.

Summer is the perfect time to be outside with your kids.

Get to know Robert Holdford, the Family Center's Director of DVAC.

Summer is quickly approaching, which means that schools will let out soon.

Get to know Mary Jane Thompson, the Family Center's Registered Play Therapist.

Get to know Gabrielle Woods-Clark, the Family Center's Certified Parent Aide.

Get to know Stephanie Eggleston, the Family Center's DVAC Administrative Manager.

Get to know Jennifer Balink, the Family Center's Executive Director.