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It’s the thing no one wants to talk about. 

Burns. Bruises. Black eyes. Broken arms.

But silence only makes it worse.

This April, National Child Abuse Prevention Month, you can help children and families in Memphis who live with the reality of abuse. With your support, they can break the cycle of violence and get on the path to healing.

Simply share a photo or video with a piece of tape over your mouth which reads: “Silence hurts.” Tag our page, and remember to use #SpeakUpMEM. If you don’t wish to participate in this way, but still want to make a difference, please consider making a donation to The Exchange Club Family Center. With your support, we can break the cycle of violence and get on the path to healing. 

Help victims find their voices. Speak up on their behalf. 

Because silence hurts, and talking helps.

It's time to #SpeakUpMEM.

The Exchange Club Family Center is a safe place for children and families to talk about the bad stuff, the things no one wants to hear. Through group and individual counseling, parent education classes, comprehensive anger management programs, and related services, our therapists turn their fear into hope, and their hope into healing, every day.

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