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Visitation Services

Visitation Services

Central to a child’s sense of security, feelings of self-worth and healthy development is the constancy of the parent-child relationship. Children are deeply affected when they are separated from a parent. The role of visitation is helpful in lessening the negative impact on the child.

The Exchange Club Family Center has been providing visitation services for over 22 years. The Center makes it a priority to find ways to protect children while attempting to promote appropriate parent/child engagement and interaction. We provide three components of visitation services:


The purpose is to provide a protected setting for parent-child contact when such contact presents risk following parental separation, child abuse or neglect, or after an extended interruption in contact. A visit supervisor is with the parent and child at all times and can both observe and hear the details of such interaction. This degree of closeness is essential when issues of safety are compelling or there is concern that a parent might manipulate or coerce a child.


Contact between parent and child occurs with a healing component added to address the child’s experience of the parent, especially where the child is fearful or resistant to such contact. These visits are also monitored by a trained visit supervisor whose function goes beyond maintaining the safety of the setting to treating the parent-child relationship. These visits are structured by the parent setting goals to accomplish during the time with the child. The visit supervisor is an active participant or “coach” in the sessions, aiding the parent in repairing or restoring the relationship with the child, while safe guarding the child’s right to move at a comfortable pace.


Exchanges occur to reduce conflict between the parents and the child witnessing such conflict when being transferred from one parent to the next parent for unsupervised parenting time.The following are available for download:

Visitation Services Brochure
Tips for the Custodial Parent During Visitation
Visitation Services Parenting Time

Please email Ashley Leary, or contact her at 901-276-2200 ext. 135 for further information and scheduling.











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